Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Rhona Morrin (she/her)

Drawing inspiration from both the traditional agricultural and rural buildings that scatter the Scottish Highlands the proposed scheme will endeavour to bring a notion of ruralness and honesty to the banks of Loch Lomond, so children of Sistema Scotland have a place to play, be and learn in an environment that allows creativity to flow naturally and inspires both music and life. The residential unit acts as The Bothy providing a temporary home to those visiting the banks of the highlands offering shelter and respite. For design to be sustainable it must be part of a place, as if it has taken root in the ground, a permeance. A place in the shadow of Ben Lomond, on the ever-moving water of the Loch must have roots and any interference with the natural environment must complement these surroundings.

The Barn, a performance hall which draws from agricultural precedents providing uncomplicated and honest, stripped backed facilities that are in touch with the landscape that surrounds them, bringing the outside in allows an intimate and personal exchange of music and ideas to take place. The Barn is such that music can be heard throughout the entire building. There is no division between the performance space itself and the convivial spaces in the structure, if patrons of the performance space leave the immediate area they will be followed by the music and thus remain part of the experience. The design also allows for the glass doors, built into the large, panelled face of the building to be opened and music allowed to flow from the performance space and into the surrounding shores of the loch allowing the landscape and the music to harmonise for all visitors to Loch Lomond and patrons of the centre to share in.