Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 4

Philip Elverson

I graduated from Northumbria University in 2018 before working on residential and Passivhaus projects in London and Hereford respectively.

I am interested in investigating the atmosphere and human relationship of architectural spaces within my work. By combining 3D digital modelling with hand drawn overlays, I am able to test physical attributes such as light, whilst adding a richer layer of human activity which helps to animate the proposals.

Barras Centre for the Spoken Word

Barras Centre for the Spoken Word

In the book, “Barrapatter: an oral history of the Barras Market” (1983), Alex Knox remarks, “Ever since I can remember, the Barras were there and would always be there’’.

The Barras Market will always hold its place as a Glaswegian institution, but in which form, remains to be seen. If traditional market trading continues to diminish, what record will exist of the Barras and its vibrant history?

The Barras Centre for the Spoken Word is informed by the rich and important history of the Barras Market as a platform for verbal exchange.

The proposal seeks to provide a hub that acts as an extension of the marketplace and celebrate the dialogues of past and present through a spoken word repository.

Individual stories and collective memories are recorded within and form part of an ongoing archive, curated by and for the community. An enclosed auditorium provides an intimate space for speech and storytelling whilst becoming a central point to the scheme.

The glulam frame and brick construction creates a rhythm and massing which draws on the regularity of the neighbouring industrial buildings. Sculptural bottle shaped recording vessels are observed from Bain street and evoke the historic kilns of the next-door pipe factory.

Audio Atmosphere

An audio curated walkthrough across the external and internal ground condition

Site permeability noilly plan

Diagramming the ground and cover conditions of the proposal within the existing context.

Isometric drawing of proposal in local context

The massing of the scheme evokes a continuation of the urban walls of the Pipe Factory next door.

Ground condition isometric drawing

The open ground condition of the Barras is continues within the proposal, blurring internal and external domain.

Ground floor plan

The programme of the scheme is composed of a central performance zone which adjoins to serving 'wings'. These wings contain the audio repository, educational and support spaces.

Second floor plan

The existing building is retrofitted with audio exhibition spaces, the heavy masonry walls providing acoustic separation.

Ground floor condition

Open from four sides, the central ground floor space provides a permeable extension of the wider Barras thoroughfare. Referencing the historic open sided market halls in the proposal's vicinity, the space provides a shelter for informal gathering and flexible performances.

Spoken word auditorium

Suspended above the central ground floor space, the layout of the auditorium provides an intimate setting for the spoken word. Warmth and light is provided by a central sky light which filters light along the timber slat panelling.

Longitudinal Section through auditorium

Bain street elevation

Bottle kiln shaped vessels rise up from Bill's toolshop and welcome visitors to the site.

Structural detail diagrams

Control of acoustics has informed the design of many of the key spaces in terms of structural detailing.

Atrium view

Natural light is important within the intermediate spaces of the scheme, providing an increased sense of connection to the outdoor context.