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Tan Pei Qi

I am Pei Qi, a multidisciplinary designer who finds great passion in graphic design and branding πŸ‘€

Being well-versed in various aspects of design has allowed me to create works that not only look good but also serve a purpose. Oftentimes, buoyancy 🌈 are ejected in my works where my final products are whimsical ✨ but would never loses its core objective. 🌳

Green by Mak Nyonya
Dad Code
Touch 2020
Penguin x Spotify

Green by Mak Nyonya

Each day, Malaysians discard 16,000 tonnes of food, which could feed 12 million people a day so how can a sauce be an advocate for food wastage and sustainability?

This project hopes to elevate Mak Nyonya as a brand that not only sells sauces but is also committed to sustainability. The campaign will tell stories about sustainability work and help people discover that Mak Nyonya is now more than ever, a brand to trust.

Getting started, Green by Mak Nyonya is a sub brand of Mak Nyonya where we focus on sustainability. To get the ball rolling, our sauces are now packed in portioned sachets, catering to a variety of family sizes. The outer pouch will also be sealable, bringing life to the second layer by being reusable.

Sub brand logo
Overview on how we make our packaging sustainable
Limited Edition: Torn away top leaving only the pattern design, encouraging people to reuse it as pouches, etc.
3 different design for the pitch ranging from something more corporate to something more experimental for the client to choose from
3 different design for the pitch ranging from something more corporate to something more experimental for the client to choose from
3 different design for the pitch ranging from something more corporate to something more experimental for the client to choose from
3 different design for the pitch ranging from something more corporate to something more experimental for the client to choose from

Dad Code

The brief given was to create a visual identity for a charity who is either involved in the support of people with mental health issues, and/or engaged in the prevention of mental health issues.

After researching on the different organisations and projects tackling issues on mental health, I came upon a whitespace of a dads’ postnatal mental health condition β€” Parental Postnatal Depression (PPND). Many would know about how some mothers goes through postnatal depression but do they know that dads are also prone to this very condition?

About 26% of dads suffer from depression during the 3 to 6 month period after the baby’s arrival but is largely overlooked. There is a lack of awareness of this condition and men are also subjected to gender expectations, where they have to tough it out, thus many dads do not express what they are feeling. There is also an overall lack of support for dads postnatal mental health in Singapore. If untreated, it can affect father-infant relationship and lead to serious consequences in the cognitive development of their child.

Thus, this is where Dad Code comes in.

Dad Code is a new protocol to screen new dads for Parental Postnatal Depression (PPND) launched by the Ministry of Health.

We hope to raise awareness on the postnatal mental health in dads and provide timely support.

Touch 2020

Earlier this year, Nature has thrown mankind a curve ball. The world economy came almost to a halt, travel was suspended. We were to stay at home, in one place, the very place which we tend to be most accustomed to, the one which we perhaps take for granted.

“Do Not Touch Your Face!” ☝🚫

πŸ‘ Observation during the pandemic
Pretty sure many would have heard this phrase at least once during the pandemic. Looking back at what was going on during the circuit breaker, I observed that people around me were more cautious on where they were touching. People also refrain from something as simple as a handshake and touch has slowly become associated with a sense of negativity. Little do we know that touch is very important.

Did you know?
Touch affects us every single day and everyone receives tactile information every second of the day. Physical contact and touch is important in early developement, communication, relationships and even fighting diseases(ironically). Touch is especially important in infants and the lack of it can be devastating, proved from the experiment done by Rene Spitz. Touch is something people not think about until the ability is gone. Covid-19 made us miss the simple act of hugging our grandparents or grandkids and this is because people craves for things they do not have.

Touch is perhaps the most overlooked sense until now and we want to take this chance to inform people on the importance of touch through a magazine all about it! The magazine will be sold in the midst of the pandemic as it is so valuable right now! It is all about the notion of selling touch and even being a replacement and alternative for people who craves touch and to be obsessed over with.

Culture of Do Not Touch

Importance of Touch

Touch is its own kind of Glue

Nothing Better than a Mother's Touch

Spiritual side of Touch


Industries that rely on Touch

Eating with Hands

Penguin x Spotify

You Love the Song, You’ll Love the Music

Penguin make books for everyone an a book can change anyone. However, Penguin have a challenge on their hands where young people don’t see people they can relate to in the literature they’re reading.

Therefore, we are tasked to reimagine the role of books, reading and authors for secondary school students in the UK (11-18 year olds) and enable young adults to engage with a wider range of books and authors who reflect a diverse and inclusive society.

β€œYoung people can’t find anything to read that interest them!”

But young people do connect with music.
So what if we use music to connect young people to books?

↓ View the deck to find out more on how we make reading happen!

You Love the Song, You'll Love the Story | Social Media Ad

You Love the Song, You'll Love the Story | Outdoor Ad