Glasgow School of Simulation & Visualisation Sound for the Moving Image

Panoraia Vitali

Sound design is the link between two worlds, artistic creation and technological substance, and that is what I am trying to do and keep doing. This is the reason most of my projects combine both art and technology.
My name is Nora. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Athens in Greece. Being a singer for many years, I always wanted to understand what is happening behind the microphone.
In 2015 I became a love immigrant, and I moved to Scotland. I completed the National Certificate and Higher National Diploma in Sound Production. Now, I am graduating from Glasgow School of Art and BDes Sound for the Moving Image.
During those fantastic five years, I discovered sound on a technical and a theoretical level.
However, what fascinated me the most was the sound sculptures. This kind of art is an expression of spirituality prevailing over materiality. It reveals more than anything the relationship of sound with the art of sculpture and reminds us of the importance of interdisciplinarity; the way a visitor can experience the conception of a dynamic idea spiritually starts from the beginning of a sound form that acquires spatial dimensions creating volumes and conditions like sculptural art.
Those marvellous five years made my biggest dream came true, and I discovered that living, studying in a foreign country and learning a new language also means learning a new way of thinking. I want to continue with the same excitement to keep learning new things.

Dada Dress

Dada Dress

This work is a contribution to the lost women artists of the Dada movement, who were overshadowed by their male colleagues. In such an anti-hierarchy art movement, women were rarely considered artists in their own right.
During this journey, it was impossible not to get carried away by the feminist element, which was the driving force behind my research about feminism and the artists who helped to bring the Dada women into light.
So, I decided to gather all these artists onto my sculpture.
It looks like a wedding dress, a symbol commonly used by feminist artists. The artworks that decorated the sculpture are from women Dadaists. The audible part consists of stories, poems, and quotes from famous feminists and are recited by some of my beloved female friends in different languages.
This video presents the process of construction of the sculpture and the technology behind the sound.


Inspired from my teenage memories when I was a high school student in Greece, my friends and I used to spend the weekends close to the sea. Some of us were reading books, others were playing games, and sometimes we made wind chimes from wooden sticks, small rocks or shells. I had many of them hanging from the ceiling in my room. With these thoughts in mind, I created a spatial audio installation to re-create the sound from a wind chime with servo devices, representing Greece’s summer breeze.