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Paige Silverman (she/her)


I have been having a hard time knowing which way to go, which thread to follow or whether to pull the thread, or maybe to burn the thread to smell the fibres and try and determine what the thread is made from.

I have been having a hard time pulling the thread apart with my nails because I just cut them.

I have been having a hard time tasting the thread because when I put it in my mouth it just tastes like hardened salt from my old spit.

I think about these different threads in my hand, by my feet, wrapped around my torso, worming into my throat, and gagging me. What happens if I cut them all off? Or eat a single string slowly, so as I am slurping it down I start shitting the same thread out—finally proof that one end connects to the other.


Paige Silverman (b. 1990, Los Angeles, California) lives in Glasgow, Scotland and primarily works in sculpture, text, and video. She received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in sculpture in 2012. Silverman was recently was awarded the RSA Barns-Graham Travel Award 2021 for research planned to take place in Marseille, France later this summer with a subsequent show at the Royal Scottish Academy in 2022/23.

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Sister Videos
Toilet Roll Holder

Sister Videos

It wasn’t hard to get here, not as hard as I would’ve thought. It’s been warm out and I picked a scab from a midge bite on my foot. I picked it until it was sore, red and open with a thin puffy pink line of skin framing it. It looked like a deep red mirror and I couldn’t help picking deeper, half aware that I was digging into myself. I widened the hole until it was just big enough, and I thrust my head in, diving down, turning everything inside out.

Come With Me and Spit It Out! are sister pieces, made to be watched in no specific order.



Spit It Out!

2021 / Single-channel HD Video (dur. 00:07:33) / Piano composition: Daniel Wood \ Filmed: South Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway, and Glasgow, Scotland

Come With Me

2020 / Single-channel HD Video (dur. 00:06:25) / Filmed: Glasgow, Scotland, Los Angeles, California, and Mojave Desert, California

Toilet Roll Holder


40 cm x 18 cm x 90 cm

Tile, cement, plywood, orange dye, wood varnish, snail shells, silver-plated jewelry chain, steel rod, styrofoam

This is a handmade toilet roll holder fashioning a carved snake with clusters of snail shells taken from the beach of Sawney Bean in South Ayrshire, with a depression in the base to hold reading material, tampons, or other bathroom necessities. [Model: Edward Gwyn Jones]

I am available to make household fitting and furniture on commission

Toilet Roll Holder

Toilet Roll Holder Detail

Toilet Roller_install