Glasgow School of Design Silversmithing & Jewellery

Nina Candido Charley (she/her)

MALVADA Evil Woman

Whether its mythology, film or literature, a story without a villain is boring. The element of evil plays a fundamental part in capturing our attention and imagination. This work draws inspiration from the way female villains adorn themselves to show their status, ranging from the femme fatale to hybrid cannibalistic creatures. This has motivated the creation of powerful and sinister characters that occupy their own fantasy world; ‘Deep Sea Diva’ and ‘Dr. Leopard’. They are liberated and glamorous beings who decorate themselves in jewellery. A Brazilian heritage and exposure to carnival from a young age has directly informed this passion for theatrical jewellery and wearable sculpture. Carnival is a visceral explosion of rhythm, sensuality, colour, glitter, music and elaborate outfits. But it is also about story telling and has often been a platform through which ordinary people can satirise the rich and powerful, and question notions of gender and race. The performative and narrative potential of jewellery, combined with an exploration of experimental fabrication techniques  are central to this collection. The overall intention is to explore the cinematic and theatrical possibilities of jewellery by generating work that tells a story in a playful and sometimes mischievous manner.

Deep Sea Diva
Dr. Leopard

Deep Sea Diva

You know that feeling you get when you’re swimming and are certain something touched your toes? A cold slimy feeling but you reassure yourself that it was probably just seaweed or maybe a fish? Well, let me introduce you to a powerful creature who lives in the depths of the sea, undiscovered. With fingers that can stretch to the surface of the water she grabs humans and a variety of other delicacies. Eating them whole or transforming them into a refreshing cocktail, she has a taste for the finer things in the ocean and lives a life of luxury. This glamorous monster started out as a tiny organism and as a result of her diet began to develop humanlike characteristics. She spends her time lounging on the bed of the ocean drinking and eating, and plans to do this for eternity.

Contemplating lunch


Resting after lunch

Nail Rings


Body chain

Copper, aluminium, bronze


Copper wire, latex



Dr. Leopard

WARNING! This mad scientist is in the lab conducting outrageous experiments. Her goggles have melted from experiments that have gone wrong and she inhales deeply through her cigarette holder as she envisions her dream world. Her lab coat has golden leopard heads for buttons, and in her beakers she has captured and shrunk leopards that she is reducing to a liquified state. Whats her goal? To simply come up with the perfect formula to turn the world leopard print.

She begins conducting her sinister experiments

Cigarette break

Cigarette break

Looking gorgeous in the lab

Little friends keeping her company

Everything is going to plan


Oxidised copper



Melted Goggles

Acrylic, silver hinges

Cigarette holder

Enamelled and oxidised copper

Leopard Ring