Glasgow Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Niketa (She/Her)

Artist Statement:
My creative practice is in a permanent state of flux allowing the transition between abstraction and figuration, painting and installation. Indian born and living in the UK, I consider myself now a hybrid citizen, belonging and not belonging to both eastern and western cultures. This hybridity reflects in the ambiguous work I create. My practice is an ongoing investigation reliant on my diasporic memories. I work with multiple materials, textures and mediums, weaving my interest in identity and erasure, philosophy, rituals and mythology to bring abstract and intangible ideas or thoughts into tangible visual realisations. I am able to achieve this, through a process of continual conscious and subliminal modernist exploration.



160cmsx100cms approx


Temporal art 81cmsx71cms

Remnant 1, Diptych

Left: 30cmsx42cms Right:40cmsx52cms

Remnant 2, Diptych

Left:30cmsx42cms Right:40cmsx52cms






I explore the concept of dot, creation and nothingness – the theme of identity, erasure, reformation and evolution within the deeper structure and restructure of the numerous facades of life. I juxtapose my work, in relation to my dual present existence of displacement and not belonging, as my consciousness straddle two continents. My diasporic memories, nostalgia and traditional ritual Indian floor art has been explored in my current body of work. Materials and materiality used in these rituals, including natural and manmade pigments, seeds and paper have been employed, in the communication of my theme and ethos.