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Interior Design, for me, is the magic used to transform spaces that can enhance every aspect of life. I always design with the user in mind and how I can create an environment that cultivates joy and wonder.





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Salt Bazaar
Salt Bazaar: introduction
Market floors
Himalayan Cafe
Exploring the building
Social Space

Salt Bazaar: introduction

Salt Bazaar is Glasgow’s newest multi-level, year-round market place and social hub, situated within a former carpark building in the heart of Glasgow. The traders at the market are a diverse mix of Glasgow creatives and indie shop owners.

This market aims to support small business traders by giving them a space that they are comfortable with, surrounded by a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. During the Covid pandemic, many small businesses have been forced to close and many artists, makers and designers have turned to social media to sell their work. This will be a place that would help these people to develop their business from an online only business to a physical space where they can grow and reach new customers.

The visitors to this market are encouraged to spend time, relax, shop and play while exploring the levels of this bazaar. My desire is that this market be an extraordinary destination for the people of Glasgow to enjoy and cultivate a supportive environment where small business can thrive.

Market Floor

Small shops and stalls


Mitchel Street Carpark

This indie market will be located at 81 Mitchell Street which is currently an NCP carpark.
This large concrete landscape carpark building will house a multi level market with each floor providing something new and exciting. The large spiral ramp within the building will create a exciting and dynamic transitional spaces between each floor.
Sustainability is part of the ethos of the market and so using an old carpark and transforming it into a pedestrian hub is apt to the project as well as in line with Glasgow’s zero emission future.


The carpark facade will be transformed with a biophilic design to increase connectivity to the natural environment and to illustrate how the market is bursting with life. .

The floors will be left open with the addition of vertical louvres to give some protection from the elements. By keeping the market floors open, the spaces are not only well ventilated and healthy but also creates a street market atmosphere in the spaces.


isometric view of building

facade lightroom-5

Market floors

All market floors have shop and stall units occupied by a diverse mix of small shop traders. These spaces are designed to enhance not only the customer experience but also the trader experience and so each of these floors have trader lounges and toilets. Public WC’s including a family room are located on level 3.



The shop and stall units come in three sizes so that each traders can decide on a space that best suits their
business. This allows exact dimensions to be given to the traders who can plan out their space and make it their own.


Stall Unit:

-perfect for new start-ups, micro businesses, people selling small goods.


Small Shop Unit:

-designed for businesses that want a smaller, manageable space to grow their business.


Large Shop Unit:

-the ideal space for a more established small business.

Stall Unit

Small Shop Unit

Large Shop Unit


The most significant structural change that I am making to the building is creating a 5m x 5m void through each floor.
This will allow more air and light through the building as well as being a stunning feature for people to enjoy.

The void will be filled with native plants and open to the elements to nourish the life within the building.
What makes this space so captivating is the uniformity of the concrete edges, juxtaposed with a wild invasion
of plant life..

iso void

natural invasion

Himalayan Cafe

Situated on the Ground Floor of the building, this cafe greets visitors as they enter the building and offers a warm welcome to the market. Customers can sit and enjoy the space or take a coffee on the go as they wonder around the shops.
This cafe aesthetic is inspired by pink himalayan salt which is reflected through the earthy tones and rough textures of this space.


Himalayan Cafe

coffee cup

close up cafe

Exploring the building

Throughout the building there will be QR codes that will give access to information about the Salt Bazaar including a market map, online shop and ‘whats on’.

On each of the market floors there will be a cork wall where people can display posters, promote local events and leave photos and memories.
My desire is that vendors and visitors would take ownership of these walls and it would become a vibrant display of Glasgow life.

QR code

carpark ramps

Social Space

This double height space is designed as a break from the bustle of the market floors.
In this space people can bring their food from the street-food stalls and eat with friends or simply just relax.
Above this space is a skylight and hanging globes that emulate natural light. This will give the space an ethereal atmosphere and promote wellbeing.

stepped seating area


On each of the market floors there will be hidden spaces behind the facade where you can find a moment of tranquility away from the bustle of the market.

hidden seating area


The rooftop includes a bar, seating area and flexible space for outdoor events and seasonal pop-up stalls.

The roof lantern will not only let more light into the building but also be a interesting feature on the roof and connect the floors as people can look down and see the space below.

roof lantern

rooftop seating area