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Nina Neo Min (She)

Nina Neo, an aspiring Art Director currently graduating from Glasgow School of Art. She loves exploring and experimenting on new ideas in the design scene apart from scrolling TikTok. In her free time, she enjoys using social media to connect and create!


A bubbly individual who also loves making new friends, Nina is always up for a good challenge and pushing herself to create more.

Nina's Works
Giving It Back

Giving It Back

‘Giving it back’ is a campaign to promote Tesco and its tagline ‘every little helps’. The campaign uses the situation of UK citizens panic buying to raise awareness about the repercussions of stock-pilling. Using the tagline ‘Giving it back’ to subtly call out hoarders, the campaign aims to get the people of the UK to make right their ‘wrongs’ with the aid of Tesco. We position Tesco to tell the targeted audience that it is alright that they have panic bought but now its time to give it back to those who truly need these supplies. Planned to run in 3 phases, the campaign will be launched on social media through initial memes, followed by 3 TVCs to initiate, motivate and finally wrap up the campaign.