Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Nandini Goel (She/Her)

I am an interdisciplinary designer and RIBA part 1 student of architecture at the Mackintosh School of Architecture. My work is narrative-driven and I believe that nothing exists without context. This philosophy guides my creative process of producing responses that are conscious, curious, and site-specific. I enjoy exploring material sensibilities and follow a grounded, multi-sensory approach in my projects.

I am actively seeking Part 1 opportunities in the UK and elsewhere, and hope to bring my philosophical yet pragmatic way of experimentation into practice.

Symphony of Play

Symphony of Play

Symphony of Play aims to celebrate the harmony between the built and the existing by inculcating all the elements of the site into the design. Including strategic and aesthetic considerations that allowed minimum intervention on the natural assets of the land, the buildings grow around the trees – rather than the other way round. This has been accomplished through extensive research on root protection norms and by experimenting with different iterations to find the one that would not only best reach this goal but also encourage social cohesion.

Music has been used as a design tool throughout the scheme. The horizontal elevations of the buildings from the street attempt to enhance the verticality of the Alder trees and the other native Scottish species present near the waterfront. The trees that pierce through the building have adjacent spaces that open up to create nooks and play spaces meant to enable musical collaboration and activity amongst the students.


Perspective Render – Residential Courtyard

Play Structure