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Nadja Andersson (She/her)

What marks do I choose to leave?


My work is based on journalistic research and ritualistic creative play. I am heavily inspired by art therapy and expressive forms of fine art, and I see my own practice as visually multi-lingual across art and design-genres. I have previously written and illustrated a picture book for children, and the playfulness of picture books influences my work. I have however spent my time with GSA focusing on stories for adults and creating projects that can provide a platform for women’s voices and shed light on forgotten knowledge. Arguably, inspiration might be the most important healing force shareable through creative making, and I want to think that as a visual storyteller I can create in a manner that is therapeutic to me, and results in work that can empower others.

V: Original illustrations
V: Posters
Pocketwitch: Original illustrations


Who were the women accused of witchcraft?

Who is drawn to witchcraft today?


I am addressing witchcraft through five interviews with women who hold some connections to the esoteric or occult. Their stories address healing, investigate sisterhood, and challenge sociological issues, using witchcraft as a starting point for discussion. Themes include mediumnity, witch trials, astrology and modern witchcraft rituals, but also gatekeeping within witchcraft communities. The conversations are brought to life by mixed media illustrations and creative use of paper.

Three printed books have been finalised, and the book can be ordered as commission and printed on demand.


Witch Overseas

Illustration from interview with US- based psychology student and practising witch, K.

Channeling Silenced Voices

Intro to interview with authors Noelle Harrison and Becky Sweeney about their theatre play "Witches Gets" and the story it tells about witch-trials, but also their creative work, and their relationship to witchcraft.
Charcoal illustrations that can be folded up to reveal photos from the play "Witches Gets".

Reading in Space

Interview with computer game developer, teacher, and astrology enthusiast, M, about the virtual world and the world of astrological signs.
Gatefold page when closed. The folds open up to reveal a full spread illustration.

Punk Witch

Illustrations for interview with punk musician and practicing witch, B, about her relationship with witchcraft and how it affects her creative practise.

My First Time

Illustration for column about my own first experience entering a coven, and my first cacao ceremony.


Embossed symbol. Some pages of this book contain "hidden" symbols: small embossed and debossed markings. The symbols are designed by me and repeated also in the pastedown for the book. Each interviewee has been assigned a symbol which is used in their interview as alias.

V: Original illustrations

V: Posters

Five posters printed on Favini Dolce Vita paper, that can be folded out and used as artwork.


When comparing believed magical properties of selected plants and their nutritional facts, I found these to frequently overlap. Some examples include basil which in Trolldom is believed to lift the spirits of uninspired situations, and which does have some anti-depressant nutritional qualities, or lemon which in witchcraft is believed to be cleansing and purifying and has scientifically proven antiviral qualities. In Pocketwitch I combine nutrition, recipes, magical properties of plants and spellwork in a booklet for kitchen-witches, illustrated with botanical drypoint etchings. This project celebrates forgotten knowledge of natural remedies based on wisdom that has been collected and shared through generations.




For Sale: Price on request
All current copies of book: 1x bible paper 4x recycled paper 1x recycled paper with pockets for seeds 1x white printing paper
For Sale: Price on request
Detail from book. The book includes some embossed symbols.
Bible paper copy. Dandelion.
Bible paper copy. Wormwood.
Recycled paper copies. All books are glued using perfect binding.
Recycled paper copy of book with pockets for seeds.

Pocketwitch: Original illustrations


Witchcraft: Feminine energy, water and lunar energy, protection against accidents. • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anti-bacterial, antioxidant • Trolldom: Against envy, jealousy and unhappiness


Witchcraft: Blessings, love, money, happiness • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anti-inflammatory, digestive health, fights cancer, anti-depressant, detoxifying • Trolldom- basil lifts the spirits of uninspired situations and strengthens motivation to act


Witchcraft: Passion, shielding, quick success, spirit evocation, fire magick • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic • Trolldom- cinnamon makes people warm up to you


Witchcraft: Wishes, divination, calling spirits, charisma, success • Nutrition/ medicinal: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, liver health • Trolldom: Psychic visions, communicate with spirits


Witchcraft: Repelling negative energies, breaking spells, breaking dark thinking, preventing nightmares • Nutrition/ medicinal: Antibiotic properties, anti-inflammatory, boost immunity, antibacterial, protects against cancer • Trolldom- garlic attracts all spirits and energies


Witchcraft: Passion, fire, success, personal power • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anti- inflammatory, antioxidant • Trolldom- spices up relationships


Witchcraft: Cleansing, purifying, boosting energy, sweetness, charm • Nutrition/ medicinal: Vitamin C, prevents kidney stones, antiviral • Trolldom: Breaks spells, antidote for poisons


Witchcraft: Courage, consecration, protection, healing, deterring evil • Nutrition/ medicinal: Vitamins A, C and K, B, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, essential amino acids, antioxidants. I use nettle to relieve inflammation and pain from rheumatoid arthritis • Trolldom: Nettle protects against slurs, gossip and envy

Raspberry leaf

Witchcraft: Love, enjoyment, tempting others, divination • Nutrition/ medicinal: Antioxidant, reducing inflammation, vitamin A+B6+C, calcium+zinc • Trolldom- to strengthen faithfulness and loyalty


Witchcraft: Charms of love, beauty, harmony, divination, goddess rites • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anticeptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic • Trolldom: A white rose is the flower of the moon and light, symbolises witchcraft, womanhood, secresy and transformation. A red rose stands for love, blood, sex and romance.


Witchcraft: Cleansing, purification, vitality, wisdom, protection • Nutrition/ medicinal: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive • Trolldom: For faithfulness, used in bridal bouquets, protects against evil, calms fights.


• Witchcraft: Psychic vision, spirit evocation, hexes, curses, reversal magick • Nutrition/ medicinal: Treating fevers, treating muscle pain. Natural anti-depressant • Trolldom: Keeps evil spirits and trolls away


Spellpapers is a collection of  papers made using ground psyllium fibre, and extracts from a selection of plants that have believed healing or magical properties. Papermaking is a meditative process for me that includes looking for the plants I wish to include, collecting and interacting with said plants and researching their potentially healing attributes. Normally in papermaking, a wooden or plastic frame is used to create a crisp and symmetric square, however I intentionally do not use a frame. Instead I let the paper-pulp “free- float”, allowing my papers to assume their shape in an organic way depending on the texture of the pulp. These papers can be displayed as artwork, seen as active spells, or used as surface for art.



Psyllium is part of the Plantago family, commonly used in spells related to strength, healing and protection. Psyllium is used in all of my papers as a binder. It is 85% fibre and has believed properties to enhance the effect of any plant or spell it is combined with.

Oregano & Thyme

Oregano has powers of luck, health, tranquility and happiness. Thyme stands for courage, strength and beauty.


Rose stands for sweetness and charm. In witchcraft the rose is often seen as a symbol for the Goddess.

Honey and Ginger

Ginger stands for passion and power. In norse magic it is used to spice up relationships. Honey is used in hoodoo and some folklore to sweeten how someone perceives you.

Rose leaf and thorns

A protective charm to remind us that we do not always have to be sweet.


A staple on many altars, sage is seen as cleansing and protecting a space. Burning sage is part of many folk rituals.


Vitality, wisdom and purification. In norse magic rosemary is added to bridal bouquets for faithfulness and to calm any fights.


Sometimes used in curses and black magic, blood and period blood can be seen as taboo substances. However, blood is a powerful symbolic ingredient also in healing and empowering spellwork according to many witchcraft practices.

Amaryllis Minerva

The red "Christmas Flower" is thought to have powers of love, lust, and passion.


Salt is seen as a sacred mineral with cleansing properties. It is in many cultures linked to prosperity and wealth.


Burning a paper and adding water to make paper pulp to create new paper: The alchemical result of fire and earth, water and air. This can symbolise transformation.


Documentation of how spellpapers move at night.