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Hasif Ismail

I am a Graphic Designer who specialises in art directing social advertising campaigns. Always hungry to learn and explore original creative ideas, I am capable of performing under pressure, crafting and executing intricate works. I am always up for a new challenge and tirelessly aim for progression for my personal career as well as you agency.

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The Inconvenient Date
We have come so far


The worse period in school and arguably in life. My grandfather, whom I was close with, passed away in the middle of project 2. I was overwhelmed with work, school work as well as family matters. It felt as though the world around me was crumbling down and I couldn’t breathe. In the midst of all these, I took photographs during the whole ordeal as I needed to remember the sequence of events. I realise, you don’t ever get over a death of a loved one, you merely get better at masking the pain.

The Inconvenient Date

D&AD Young Blood Competition, Tesco’s brief. Tackling the topic on bringing youths in UK, aged 18-25, into Tesco, while keeping in mind the issue of sustainability. I chose to create a space hosted by Tesco where youths can have a meaningful food centric date, using Tesco’s app as a networking site, focusing on the sustainability of our youth’s relationship.

The Inconvenient Date

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We have come so far

7 April 2020

When the doors shut. The inability to go out. The weeks & months prior to the lockdown, there have been zero free days. Everyday, dusk till dawn, I was packed. Home became a place just for sleep. The thought of the month long lockdown seemed like a time to finally get some rest. However, the thought of not meeting my significant other and my friends slowly set in. Just for a month. Just 1 month.

For the first few days, I slept so hard. Drooling all over my bed, waking up in the late afternoon for food and other essentials. No worries or commitments. Just pure rest and recalibration. At the point of enough rest, boredom started to sink in. Lost. Not knowing what to do, or what to accomplish. Filling in huge gaps of time with random searches on the internet. Editing, re-editing, repeating the days. As the Covid cases in Singapore increased, so was the severity of the lockdown. The pressure to stay indoors and to not step out.

The extension of the lockdown was the icing on the cake. Tension grew at home. I did not have my own space to escape. I was trapped in my own head. All I could do was give up, but I had nothing to give up. Doing nothing hurts and doing anything else wasn’t productive. At the end of it all, all I could do was bottle it up, and carry on with life as though nothing happened.