Glasgow MDes Communication Design School of Design

Mengying Zhan

China-based illustrator and graphic designer.



Funny Circus explores the impact of human activity on other creatures. I tried to create a scenario where the identities of animals and humans were swapped and what it would be like for the animals to dominate the game and follow the trajectory of actual human behaviour in a violent contest. The purpose of the project is to provoke the audience to consider the respect for the lives of other species in the context of role swapping.


Gender Bender is a magazine that explores crossdressing culture. This issue discusses the relationship between gender and preference. Five interviews with participants of different ages, professions, levels of crossdressing, and gender identity are included. Based on Virginia Woolf’s reflections on public prejudice against crossdressing, the magazine is seen as a human body divided into five parts: head, face, body, feet, and gender identity. In this way, the rationality of using objects to define gender is discussed.

The project answers questions about the psychology of crossdressing, the motivations for crossdressing, and the gender identity of crossdressers, hoping that the project will reduce crossdressing stereotypes and broaden some people’s singular perceptions of gender distinctions convey the authentic culture of crossdressing.

Gender Bender-Book Cover

Gender Bender-Invitation Cards

Gender Bender