Glasgow School of Design Textile Design

Megan Allan (She/Her)

This project explores responsible textile design methods focusing on experimental zero-waste fabric manipulation and patchwork techniques. To gather visual inspiration, I studied the built environment of Glasgow’s east end and used photography and drawing to capture snapshots of patterns, textures and shapes that caught my eye. The linear and repetitive qualities of this research synchronise with my interest in patchwork, quilting and textile mending techniques.
Experimenting with these techniques allowed me to work with materials that would otherwise be considered waste while also eliminating waste at the design stage. I utilised offcut and secondhand fabrics to develop my ideas and sourced surplus fabric from a local Scottish linen mill to create my final collection.
I’m motivated by the increasing popularity of textile repair and used several techniques traditionally employed to reinforce a textile and prolong its life. Repurposing and repair rely on sharing skills, knowledge and resources. This collection aims to spark conversation around the over-production and underutilisation of textile products and the importance of social, community-based learning.
It also intends to provide comfort and calm within the home through repetitive forms, tactile textures, and soothing colour palettes of blues and greys.