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Marsha Sanderson (she/her)

As an interior designer I feel passionately about environmental, sustainable and social design which aspires to encourage positive well-being for users. I gravitate towards designing spaces which centre around how people really inhabit social places, and have a strong focus on this within my design philosophy.

'The Green' full portfolio
The Green

The Green

‘The Green’ is a project for local people, an inclusive space to encourage people to socialise within an accessible & playful setting. An environment which facilities organic conversation in order to re-engage & transform the local area. The project is situated in an abandoned victorian glasshouse, disused by the community since 1982. Therefore it was important for the site to become a destination for all the local people of Springburn, increasing interaction and conversation within the neighbourhood.‘The green’  is centred around the game of ‘pétanque’, a form of French lawn bowling, as this aids the aim of the site becoming a hub of observation and interaction.

Facade - approach to The Green

Situated in the centre of Springburn park. -the current building shell meant that it was difficult for the user to navigate the site on arrival. Therefore I felt a new clear entrance was necessary, one which is in-keeping with the buildings history.

Ground floor

The view on entering the ground floor space.

Alternative use of the space - when pétanque courts are closed

Allowing the space to transform to accommodate community events.

Section B-B

First floor

View through the void space - watching people below enjoying socialising & playing together.

Sunken pétanque courts in use

‘The aim of the game is to be the first player/team to score thirteen points. Points are scored by having one or more of your boules closer to the target than those of your opponent, after all boules have been thrown.’

Daytime pétanque courts in use

Levels within the space allow for a environment of observation and interaction.

Section A-A

Section through the space.

Garden space

Returning the flora to the site - hinting to the original use of the building.