Glasgow School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Luke Raphael Andrew (He/Him)

I’m Luke, I’m from Glasgow and I make work using a range of different materials and processes. I’ve focussed mainly on the world of film and looking at how people interact with the screen. For this final project I moved away from the moving image an d look back at how collage can tell a story. That is what i like to do in my work, as cliché as it sounds, tell stories. I have a love of classic Sci-fi and strange midnight movies that has led to me creating work that focusses a healthy amount on the entertainment that the viewer will get when encountering it. Something else is always beneath the surface BUT you can make of that what you wish! My work is liable to be happening on the street as well as in a gallery and my main goal is that people get to see things they might not ever get an explanation for but it will fill their daily goings on with something new and different. Cheers!!!

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