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Brian Long

Hello and welcome! My name is Brian Long Shi Liang, a student of Glasgow School of Arts at Singapore Institute of Technology.

Studying at GSA had changed my perspective of interior design over the years, I enjoyed the process of finding new methods and discoveries through making. The key inspiration throughout the years at GSA was the understanding of the user and how it plays an important part in the design, not just the spatial environment. I believe the lesson learnt will make an impact on the way I approach my design in the future.



Adaptiveness of Spatial Surroundings

Adaptiveness of Spatial Surroundings

A year-long project that investigates the speculative future of adaptive space. The observation of users adapting to the space provided to them leads to a question of what if space adapts to the user instead?

Phase 01 investigates the activities and the human postures observed, and what forms can be created from these postures. Speculation of HDB apartments getting smaller, if there is a need to relook small living spaces, how spatial volume and human elements are integrated into a limited space?

With the pandemic situation, a new layer added into our everyday lifestyle, and work became an important part of the living space.

Phase 02 will further explore smaller living spaces when the work layer inhabits them.

phase 03 investigates in future of office spaces. As hybrid work culture becomes a norm, workers are given options to choose whether to work from home or work at their office. The project aims to provide adaptive spaces that allow the user to work productively and comfortably.

Observation of Various Human Postures

Posture of the users depicts a certain activity that is happening in the space.

Changing Forms

Speculation of a space that changes its form based on the user's postures

Adaptive Spaces

Spaces such as our home getting smaller and smaller, what if space adapts to us instead?

Change in Interior Spaces

The space changes its form to suit the need of the user

Isometric View of Interior Space

Speculating a small living space adapting to the overlapping activities in the house hold

Floorplan of "Office Space"

Providing pocket spaces for worker to work in alternative to working from home

"Office Space" Perspective 01

Workers are able to have flexible work space.

"Office Space" Model View

"Office Space" Private Areas

Space can be converted into small meeting room or small open gathering spaces

"Office Space" Moment 01

Various form of seating, allowing the workers to work at their comfort state.

"Office Moment 02

Relooking into non-conventional sitting, providing an informal setting

"Office Space" Moment 03

Letting workers or customers to remove their footwear before entering the space, removes formalities and creates a sense of hominess (similar to the culture of japan).