Communication Design Glasgow School of Design

Lelia Aluwihare (she/her)

The intrinsic motivation for my work is often lead from an excitement about prose, poetry, conversations, music, dance and play. Been consistently encouraged to express through movement and articulation of feeling. I enjoy finding semiotic value in objects, words and the way things sit on the page. Drawing from Gestalt’s principles of design. Working with typography in a way that they feel more like characters in my mind. I enjoy curating information, making books and typesetting material.

film work
ways of being
roberta weber

ways of being

This is the first issue of a contemporary, spiritual, arts and culture journal. Its aim is to deconstruct the concept that there is a superior way of being. I am conscious the world we occupy is becoming increasingly more populated with information. If not already, I fear we are at risk of being overloaded by data. I suspect the antidote is a reflective practice. This publication aims to encourage such reflection, through a blend of spirituality, art and culture. At the heart of this publication is a passion for connecting with truth. The journal comprises as three chapters. A series of conversations over zoom set the bedrock of the project. In conversation with Sri Lanka based photographer, Dominic Sansoni, Kundalini yoga teacher, Fiona Raymond and re-typesetting the seminal work of Annie Besant and C.W Leadbeater, “Thought-forms”. I trust we can influence thought through image-making and the sensitive handling of important words. I believe through intrinsic introspection and thus, action we can regain lost identities and thus celebrate culturally rich futures. This publication wants to encourage personal means of opinion and expression.

roberta weber

Weber is an individual based in Glasgow. Using alternative tools (body intuitive, biofield tuning, acupuncture, shamanic healing and systematic constellation) to help clients step into better health and leadership in life. Working through generational trauma, and the natural cycles  (death, growth, harvest) that we move through in different ways. Roberta describes it as “old medicine a modern way, where East meets the West.” The overarching value we assigned together was trust, as this kind of coaching can only be harnessed if there is is confidence developed between the client and the coach. These remedies draw from ancient Eastern medicine, some that have been practiced for centuries. Yet, Roberta practices in a contemporary context. The challenge was to faciliate these values in a sensitive approach but at the same time, create a unique identity in order to attract new clientele.