Fine Art Photography Glasgow School of Fine Art

Laura Goodman


The Society of Scottish Artists New Graduate Award: Runner Up

Fine Art Printmaker and Photographer, whose current practice explores the balance of technical processes with the concept. At present, my artistic approach draws on abstract theoretical notions while maintaining a pictorial narrative.

My work aestheticises silence intending to understand how form within art can be represented as silent. Through my exploration of silent landscapes, I portray infinite still spaces, sparking mediative reflections and acting as silent witnesses of past experiences to acknowledge the value of visual silence within the realm of aesthetics.

Silence of Nature

Silence of Nature

The series of photopolymer intaglio prints showcased alongside the polymer printing plates, melt into nothingness, to silence. The printing plates are highly dependant on the light, and only from illumination can you see the detail. Without the light on the plate, the metal consumes the images. From this process, the image disappears within the darkness, absorbed with silence created from the shadows, a poetic metaphor for silence.