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Kelsey Jones

“When life gives you lemons”

“When life gives you lemons”

For this year’s degree show Kelsey has decided to create something a little different to the projects she usually produces. Kelsey has decided to make a showreel of collected videos and mini clips to represent the ups and downs within life, she has also composed some original music for the video using soft piano and strings. Kelsey enjoys writing poetry and words, so for this project she has specifically written and produced a monologue for it, and it is called “when life gives you lemons”.

The video itself is split into two sections. The first section of the video is in black and white, as it represents a life without any colour and feelings of sadness. The monologue, which is spoken over the top of the music (voiced by Kelsey) talks about feeling unhappy with life and always questioning why bad things happen to us. The second half of the video is where the music changes to be more upbeat, and that is where Kelsey has inserted some colourful and happy memory videos. The second half of the monologue is where Kelsey talks about changing your mindset, instead of always questioning why bad things happen to us, and always focusing on the bad things that happen to us within life, try and look for the good things and try and feel the happiness within the little things within our lives. Kelsey believes that when we think positive things, positive things will happen within our lives and that is the message that she is trying to put across in her project. The reason that Kelsey has decided to speak about these themes in her project is because she has fallen into that bad mindset before where she has hated her life and wondering why horrible things were always happening to her, but when she finally realised that focusing on the positives within life, she noticed that positive things started to happen to her more often. This project is quite personal to Kelsey as it is a reminder that, even when things seem sad, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and the sadness shall soon pass.

"When life gives you lemons" By Kelsey Jones

A short film by Kelsey Jones about the ups and downs in life and how we choose to overcome them.