Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Katy Hope (she/her)

I believe architecture has a voice for change in society. Within my practice, I aim to immerse myself in this while incorporating social and cultural topics of diversity, equality, and sustainability. I enjoy the ideas of playful architecture that facilitates imagination and encourages exploration, consciously considering the user at the centre of the design process.


moments : perform – stay – play
perform – stay – play
process : perform – stay – play

moments : perform – stay – play

A series of 35mm film shots of elements and stills which accompanied the research of perform – stay – play, while expanding my knowledge of the environment of Balloch.

moment in Balloch 01

moment in Balloch 02

moment in Balloch 03

perform – stay – play

A scheme of interlocking publicprivate, and play blocks that alter and facilitate the imagination of the users of Sistema Scotland, a charity organisation that aim to support young people through the means of music, creating spaces that change a person’s perception.

This project is a response to the essence of play within a child’s development in a space and how they may occupy different environments they are in. The spaces try to accommodate perception changes that the users will experience when entering the natural location of the site, Balloch in Scotland.

The performance space acts openly, perched on the River Leven edge, encountering the scenery of the site and creating flexibility with the adaptable spaces within. While the retreat building is nestled within the woodlands, adding a sense of ownership for the clients of Sistema Scotland, allowing them to make the blocks inside what they intend them to be.

Both connected by a playscape that centralises the idea of freedom and ownership of use, challenging and encouraging the imagination of each user.

site axonometric

north-east pier side of Loch Lomond

location plan

massing within Balloch

diagrams of elements

design influences - wind, sun, views, typography

Ground floor site plan

first floor plan

long section

a capture through the performance hall and River Leven

exploded axonometric of retreat elements

public, private and play spaces

retreat perspective section

moment in the retreat building

perspective section of the performance hall

moment within the performance space

exploded structural diagram

elements of the performance hall
the orchestra setting up to play

site model

massing positioning
a lively time inside and outside of the scheme

process : perform – stay – play

A set of GIFs showing the thought process that determined design decisions regarding landscaping, massing and building connections.

a story of massing 01

the story of the retreat blocks

a story of massing 02