Glasgow Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Julita Hanlon (She/her)

I am a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice centres around concepts of injustice and prejudice. My works are designed to invite and provoke reflection and action and should be seen and understood within the context of the viewers’ own histories.

My practice might at any time include painting, printing, stitching, sculptural and metal works, photography, or writing. For me, interaction with materials and processes is as important a part of research into a subject, as its academic and theoretical underpinning. Currently, in dialogue with Franz Kafka and Felix Gonzales-Torres, I am exploring the ways in which I can highlight how status quo is guarded through visible and latent symbols of bureaucracy and through dehumanised decision-making procedures.

Like in all my projects before, I am engaging in processes that force a prolonged involvement with the subject matter and materials. They are all integral part of my visual language. I see for example deep etching in metal as analogous to the deeply embedded structural violence resulting from bureaucracy and faceless decision-making processes, whilst stamps and branding tools might stand for a metaphor for actions and decisions which scar the body, the psyche, and for the collective trauma which becomes imprinted in collective memory.

Instagram: @j.hanlon1
LinkedIn: Julita Hanlon