Glasgow Product Design Engineering School of Design

Juan Sanz de Bremond



eolo is a portable residential evaporative cooler concept that blends the best features of air conditioners and electric fans in a very compact and adaptable package that can be easily transported and with the capability of cooling up to 25 m2. The system aims to provide a new form of interaction by improving the maintenance process through the introduction of the right to repair at home and the reliability brought with the accessibility to all components; a better maintenance will result in less dirt within the system and consequently a more efficient system over time. Moreover, the incorporation of a monitoring system that will notify the user when the conditions of a room are ideal for either cooling or ventilation will complement the previously mentioned maintenance to deliver a solution that not only improves the performance found in current solutions, but also introduces a revolutionary user interaction.

As an evaporative cooler, eolo employs water as the refrigerant, making it an eco-friendly alternative that consumes up to 75% less energy than air conditioning devices, which are one of the main energy drivers in today’s energy crisis (for both consumers and the environment). Overall, eolo aims to promote and improve the reputation of current “portable” evaporative coolers in areas where the technology is suitable during certain periods of the cooling seasons (locations where the relative humidity levels are below 50%), with a more reliable set (main body + water tank) that can be easily carried from one room to another, and with the capability of being used as an air conditioner (cooling mode) or as an air circulator (no water tank needed as only the fans are being used).