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Jinwee Ong

Hokkien Kia (Kid)

Hokkien Kia (Kid)

Hokkien Kia explores Hokkien culture in Singapore, through the lens of my world, growing up as a Hokkien kid. While writing this book, my beloved Ah Ma, who is my inspiration, departed from us on the 24th March 2021. This work is dedicated to her legacy and the family who will always love her. It’s an investigation into the language and culture that brings us joy, laughter and the happy remembrance of our loved ones.

Hokkien Kia consists of 6 different books that will give you a glimpse of my family, the superstitions we hear while growing up, the traditions that were taught to us, Hokkien lingo and the songs we listen to.
From top right to bottom (anti-clockwise) – Hokkien Entertainment, Do's & Dont's, Hungry Ghost Festival, Huat Ah (To Prosper) and Common Lingo.