Communication Design School of Design Singapore

Roslyn Pang (She/They)

Routine in Isolation


JIA is an investigative zine that uses the lens of food to uncover history, customs, and tradition behind the Hainanese culture to look into self-identity and celebrating food culture. Uncovering and exploring ‘unknown’ food to learn and introduce me and others to the Hainanese dialect through our “national past time”, eating.

Using food as a way to relate to younger audiences could help start a conversation with their family members and friends and is a way to start that interest, which could help in getting them wanting to learn and understand their cultural roots. This is also a way to let people know that certain food exists, to tell their stories, and hopefully preserve them before they disappear.

Routine in Isolation

Routine in Isolation introspects into our lives during circuit-breaker lockdown. Using the idea of repetition to drive the concept of being in a standstill and in limbo, to look at our daily routines as a sort of escapism.

Using idioms and haiku to explore the theme of the routine and using GIFs as a medium to replay that loop.

Stages of lockdown: Retail therapy
Stages of lockdown: boredom
Stages of lockdown: Pacing
Stages of lockdown: Introspection
Stages of lockdown: Indecision
Stages of lockdown: Using music as therapy