Glasgow Product Design Engineering School of Design

Jamie Macleod

Proteus Roof-box

Proteus Roof-box

Roof-boxes have been central to the expansion of vehicle storage for over 50 years. Throughout this project, market research revealed an industry saturated with bulky, dated and homogenous products. Existing roof-boxes lack multifunctionality, inhibiting the efficiency of investing in a product that spends much of its life cycle unused. User communication and testing highlighted the prevailing challenges associated with roof-boxes available on the market which include difficulty with installation and storage.

The Proteus roof box addresses a niche that revolutionises the functionality of a roof-box. A simple and ergonomic attachment system enhances the product function in several areas of the user cycle, be it at home, on the car, throughout the journey and at the final destination.

The design is split into three parts (a base and two container sections) creating a product that can function not only as a roof-box, but also as a home storage unit, a flat pack table and a picnic set.

(Grab cad vehicle – Benali)