Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 4

Ioulia Voulgari (She/Her)

Adaptive reuse and Public building are the main themes I have been developing this year through two studio projects. My Urban Housing project focuses on the radical adaptive reuse of non-listed as heritage buildings into housing. The Urban Building project explores the design of a hybrid pubic library as a gathering place for interaction while connecting people with knowledge.

Public Library

Public Library

Public library : a gathering place for Calton

The space of culture has always dealt with evolving preferences and technologies. With globalisation and digitalisation being the major dynamics of today, just one building use is not enough. The Barras is not what it used to be with an air of neglect pervading the streets. Noticing a lack of libraries in the area, the aim is to give a cultural public library to the city, that opens up to it and creates a living room for Glasgow for civic engagement.

What is the library of the future? A modern library is no longer solely the domain of the book, it is about connecting people with knowledge. A place for young and old to learn, gather, perform, test, create and present. A laboratory where visitors are challenged and gain access to new technologies. An interior atrium garden forms the main space of the building acting as a discussion pit for interaction and contributing to the well-being in the work space.