Glasgow Innovation School Product Design

Ibrahim Afzal (He/Him)

My name is Ibrahim, I am passionate about the intersection between the physical and the digital worlds. Helping to bridge this gap through experiences and design interventions.

Sim Care


The inspiration for this project came from the lack of social skills observed in children during the 2020 pandemic. This insight led to discovering an opportunity within the homeschooling context that has existed for a number of years. Resources to successfully transfer educational material from school to home is available, but what is not available is the organic relationships children’s foster through play, interacting with other children from different backgrounds and developing social skills through that interaction.


The aim of this project is to to enable children to find those organic opportunities to meet with other children and be able to foster social skills through play. The project is set in the near future where technology is able to to provide enhanced augmentation through advancement in virtual reality technology. Using these technologies children signed up to Ollie are able to play with each other under semi-supervision of the parent.

Child able to play with other children from around the world

Mother of child supervising childs social acitivity


Sim Care

Future Experience

This project is set in 2030 and takes advantage of data collected through collective intelligence. This project aims to harvest data of cancer patients to understand and define best possible solutions for care and treatment of cancer. The device will be used by oncologist in their multi disciplinary meeting (MDT) where they can collaborate with each other to find the best outcome for the treatment of cancer. Using the data collected it also analyses care aspect of cancer patients, understanding their moods, fitness, social and mental health. Using this data it matches the care with the treatment of cancer to understand which course of care and treatment would be best suitable for each specific patient.

Final designed outcome-Ibrahim Afzal-090521

Product shows representation of patients cancer

Showcasing other statistics