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Huiqin Zhou

The Universe Star Internet Cafe

The Universe Star Internet Cafe

This is the first and largest project i made in this pofolio.

An Internet cafe can be defined as a place where you can pay to access the Internet in the form of hire.

With the development of technology, the number of Internet cafes has dropped sharply in recent years. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, people who bow their heads everywhere ignore offline communication and just look at their mobile phones.

The Internet cafe of my memory is full of smoke, full of voices, and full of seats. But now with the restrictions of COVID-19, most of the time, when people walk into Internet cafes, not only can they not see regular customers, but even some homeless people and people living in Internet cafes are also missing.

The above is the reason why I want to use Internet cafes as the theme of my project. For this reason, I have conducted a series of researches on Internet cafes in different countries, unearthed their respective characteristics and problems, and tried to learn from their strengths and make up for their weaknesses. My own project brings a new entertainment experience to the people of Glasgow.



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1.Universe Star Internet Cafe

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