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Holly Thomson (she/her)

I’m a multidisciplinary designer, interested in service and user interface design. I am passionate about creating meaningful and user-driven solutions, and believe that design should be used as a problem-solving and/or preventative tool for speculative/future focused issues. My projects are a reflection of this, both recognising future issues and working towards solving them through an iterative, user-centred approach.

Third Phase
Personal Wellbeing in Cancer Care: 2030
Collective Communication Toolkit

Third Phase

By 2036, 1/4 of the worlds population will be over 65. In the UK, the way in which we currently view this ageing population and ageing in general, is negative and based on outdated stereotypes. The ‘issue’ of ageing and retirement is largely planned for financially (both within government and within society), when really there is so much more to this phase of your life.

‘Third Phase’ is a project exploring the possibilities of your later years of life, and re-defining what traditional retirement looks like. It is a proposed government funded service for people approaching traditional retirement age, which aims to help people navigate their future and discover what options are available to them.

I have designed this service to show people what opportunities lie ahead in their ‘third phase of life’, and try and change the way that we look at getting older.

What is Your Third Phase?

I used the term 'third phase' as a means of moving away from the word retirement, which from my research, I felt had somewhat negative connotations. Here I explored the life timeline, looking at the similarities between the transition from your first to second phase, and from your second to third. Both areas are a period of "what do I do next?".


Third phase is a digital service available online and on the app store, for people reaching traditional retirement age. It uses your past experiences and your hopes for the future, to present options which suit you.

Third Phase

A short film showing the ways in which third phase is shared and used.

Website Interface

The design of the website's main homepage.

User Journey

Julie's journey using the Third Phase service to navigate her future after her children leaving home.