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Harris Booth

Alongside being a semi professional freestyle skier, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying Product Design Engineering at The Glasgow School of Art. With a great passion for skiing, the outdoors and adventure, I aim to pursue a career in sustainable design and development within the outdoors industry.



In the sport of freestyle skiing & snowboarding, there is a gap in the market between the two snowpark shaping tools currently available. The EasyPiste600 provides a low-cost, effective solution to the large and expensive pistebasher and small and inefficient snow park shaper tools. This all-electric, hand-operated, pedestrian controlled snow preparation machine uses a high torque rotary tiller to produce similar results to pistebashers, but on a more manoeuvrable, affordable and smaller scale.

With power requirements experimentally found, this product has been specifically designed to pack sufficient weight and power for effective use without compromising manoeuvrability and usability.

A major design challenge of the product was the required height adjustment of the 15kg tiller head, ensuring functionality in all snow conditions and adding a ‘transport mode’. High force electric linear actuators were found to be an effective solution to this, allowing simple, ‘on-the-fly’ control.

Hero Image: product in context

Hero Image 2

The EasyPiste600 getting used on a snowpark feature at Glencoe Mountain Resort

Product Overview

Explanation of Problem & User Journey Video

To aid viewers who are not familiar with ski resorts and snowparks.

User Journey

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Concept Generation & Initial Prototyping Summary