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Haili Wu

I am a designer who enjoys working trans-disciplinary; interested in combining technology and science with design in a user-centred way to better society. Design can play a significant role in identifying and addressing social, production and consumption problems derived from world development in the present, near and far future. Providing a joyful living experience that enhances the human relationship. I believe design can be an instrument to reflect on the world and explore how it should be, or could be. I believe design is also one of the most potent tools to provoke positive actions by asking the question of ‘what if?’
Through the projects seen here, my design practice seeks to respect multiple voices from different disciplines and explores the intricacies of human behaviour and how we interact with the ‘things’ and world around us.

Portfolio Website
The Playground: An alternative social experience
Kiki: Future Remote-Care Experience

Collaborative Work
2030: Living Beyond Cancer

The Playground: An alternative social experience

The project speculated into the future, where social media addiction among young adults become a critical problem and the government has to establish a new department to face it (The Department of Social Media Usage Control). By setting the scene in the future, we have a better understanding of our lives today and the challenges we might face in the future, which provoke thinking and actions.


I worked closely with users and experts from the related domain, and notice the foundation of the problem is people’s feeling of loneliness and disconnection. An alternative social experience that provides a positive connection and manageable social circle for its users is needed.


The outcome is Playground; a social platform based on the local community to provide a ‘real-time, location-based, playful, positive social connection for users.

The Introduction Video of The Playground

This is the outcome video of my project. An advertisement in the future that introducing the Playground platform to people.

All the physical touchpoints

Includes: introduction kits, Playground Tag, Playground Pad and Playground Hub

User Journey Storyboard

The storyboard shows the Playground experience and its impacts on the user through Wade's story.

Department of Social Media Usage Control ads video future 2026 (Future scenario video)

In the development stage, I use video to prototype my future vision and bring it to life quickly. It is an advertisement for the Department of Social Media Usage Control (an organisation that I imagine exists in the future world I create).

The user testing outcome

I invited the users to interact with my design and observe how they might use my design.

Kiki: Future Remote-Care Experience

In this project, I speculated on how design can shape our society in the future through the relationships between people, products and places positively.


Working closely with cancer research experts, I notice remote healthcare might become a trend for post-cancer living in 2030. However, It largely depends on technology. So how to bring the new form of cancer care to people who have difficulty using tech becomes critical.


The outcome is Kiki, a platform that works as a companion for its users, interacting with and motivating the user through friendly suggestions and conversation. Each guidance incorporates local information and user’s preference with cancer experts’ advice globally, keep the users healthy without bringing the context of ‘cancer’. The collective intelligence generated by Kiki helps to advance global understanding of the experience of those living with cancer as a chronic condition.

Work as group to explore the future

The project has two-part. Part one is group work with two other designers and experts from the medical area, co-create a future vision of cancer care in 2030. The outcome is a Brand from the future: Dinaci--- offers discrete intelligent kitchenware, integrating healthcare into everyday life. The Part one also set the foundation of my personal exploration in part two of how can design bring the new form of cancer care to people based in 2030. Please visit the site below for the group work outcome:

Final Outcome of the Future experience project

A video showing the user experience I designed in a full resolve of both functionality and interaction with the design from multiple stakeholder perspectives and the context of use.

User experience Storyboard

User experience Storyboard

A user storyboard that shows how Kiki collaborates with different stakeholders and gathers information for a better post-cancer living experience.

Thinking through making

I used a design technique called 'thinking through making' to help myself to understand the user's life. By creating the user's living environment, I can put myself in the user's shoes.

UX Interaction Mockup

I test my idea with peers by acting as Kiki and communicate with the users.

2030: Living Beyond Cancer

Future Experiences (Pt. 1)

Part one of Future Experiences was developed alongside two course mates, and was spent speculating on what it could be like living beyond cancer in 2030 in the context of collective intelligence and big data.

Technological advancements could allow for intelligent health monitoring in the home.  Using a set of smart tools – essentially intelligent crockery and cutlery – Dinaci, a healthcare brand of 2030, looks at biological and behavioural trends to build an image of the users normality.  Negative trends in this data point towards health problems; in the beyond cancer context this is an image of risk of readmission.  The data gathered acts as part of a collective intelligence; informing the users healthcare on a local scale; in a wider context it informs global medical and cancer communities.

1 - Summary

Biological trends can be monitored using a catalyst mix - which allows intelligent crockery and cutlery to pick up data as the mix reacts with the user's saliva. The mix itself is tailored to the individual user's biological needs, and can be applied through a regular kitchen item - a spice grinder. Involvement in the Dinaci system diminishes the need for constant visits to the GP: the user is able to maintain a medical vigilance from home.

2 - Context

Whilst many users praise Dinaci for its efficiency in monitoring health in the home - some find that the system invades on everyday life.

3 - Film

This film explores the world of living beyond cancer in 2030.

4 - Process

Our world was informed and inspired by conversations with experts and professionals working within the field of medicine and cancer. We explored consequences in detail - 'this is happening now / this could happen / what if this happened?' - creating a world based on speculation relevant to the context of living beyond cancer.