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Derrick Yim Guo Jin

A multidisciplinary communication designer with a strong interest in UI/UX, publication and digital content.

Hike & Seek
You Can Sit With Me

Hike & Seek

by Exploring Contours

Exploring Contours is an umbrella brand that includes a hiking app, social media page and hiking publications.

After being forced to slow down our pace during the pandemic, there was a spike in interest for hiking when people in Singapore started to explore their own backyards. Without easily available information, there is an urgent need to educate new hikers on the proper etiquette during a hike.

Humans brought their lifestyle into wild life habitats, causing unrest in the animals’ own home.

Providing useful and handy information to people who are looking to pick up a new hobby, Exploring Contours aims to build a healthy community that enjoys nature and maintains a safe home for wild life.

Hike & Seek

Hike & Seek by Exploring Contours

Exploring Contours is an umbrella brand that includes a hiking app, social media page and hiking publications.
Plantable Paper

Plantable Paper

Bringing a piece of nature to the new Hikers. It is natural for humans to want to protect the things they love. Falling in love with nature can start from sowing the seeds from Hike & Seek, which produces beautiful wild flowers.

Online & Offline!

Hike & Seek is a location-specific booklet that features information unique to the place itself. However, general information about hiking would be the same for the different location in the upcoming series. Also, how would newer and updated general information be pushed out? It's now possible with the Exploring Contours app. Under the "Hikers' Manual" tab, general information about hiking can be read anytime. In the toilet, on your bed, even while commuting!

Explore Contours With Me!

Information about hiking can be read anywhere at your convenience. At home. In the supermarket. Taking a dump. Scan the QR code or scroll down to learn more about hiking now.

Exploring Contours App

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve & MacRitchie Nature Walk

Photos are taken and edited by Yours Truly. These photos features the view of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and MacRitchie Nature Walk, Singapore.

Connected Instagram Posts

How do I make information exciting and encourage people to come out and explore? I love creating social media posts that connects one post to another. From the connection in these 3 posts, people can click in and experience the connected carousel posts too.

Instagram Carousel Post

Making use of Instagram's carousel function to encourage people to step out, enjoy and breathe in some fresh air.

Creative Process Journal

You Can Sit With Me


This brief aims to challenge the way we look at the things around us. Earlier last year, Nature has thrown mankind a curve ball. We were all forced to halt our way of life and it was incredibly hard on many people around the world. Being forced to wear a mask to reduce the risk of transmission, several job such as Safe Distancing Ambassadors were created to enforce the new rules. Being someone that gets annoyed when I see people with their half-fucked mask wearing, it was the perfect job for me. I could walk around and advice people to stay safe so that Singapore can emerge victorious against the pandemic.


From my short 4 months stint as a Safe Distance Ambassador, it opened up my eyes to the world around me. One thing that made me feel slightly more assured was seeing people with a temperature sticker on their clothing. It was a sign to me that they went through proper temperature and Safe Entry measures set up. With this project, I aim to change the meaning of the temperature stickers by gamifying it.

Artivive Videos

Sticker A: In December 2020, a $100 voucher was given to Singaporeans, in a bid to encourage us to rediscover Singapore again. Many people started using these vouchers to book a 1-day staycation. With this sticker and Artivive video, I hope to realign their focus to help to support the growth of our local Bird Park. Sticker Z: At that point in time, all Singapore Public Libraries have imposed a 30 minutes time limit to all visitors. This sticker is being given to people who visits the library and with this video I hope to encourage the visitors to head outdoors to look at, and appreciate nature after burrowing their heads into the wide variety of books available in the library.