Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Frances Grant (she / her)


Widening Participation Award for Architecture

The Liberation of Order

The Liberation of Order

Placemaking is a palpable form of poetry in which architecture and poetry are containers of the lived experience. Believing that their success is dependent on the rules we confine to them this project seeks to examine how this comparable liberation can be achieved when we design architecture within parameters.

An archetypal catalogue of our interactions with the built and natural environment inspired by Marjory Allen (the advocate of adventure play) formed the foundation of this project’s approach. Examining the result of combining these interactions with the catalysts of energy, landscape and culture created a self-resolving architecture that places the user at the core of the solution.

Architecture depends on the intersectionality between energy landscape and culture. Likewise, as do we. As Allen argues, the containers we live our lives against dictate how we live and how we aspire. The choice to be liberated by our surroundings reside in the hands of the architect. Therefore, this project seeks to shed light on this interdependency. The interdependency of energy, landscape and culture; the interdependency that liberation has with order; and the interdependency architecture has with methodology.

Liberation through Order is more than immersive architecture. At its best, it is a methodological suggestion to how we design more careful, user-orientated solutions.

Archetypes of Fun

Flexibility of Functionality

Duality of Threshold

(un) Usuable Space

Suitability of Sleep

Nuance of Direction

Intimacy of Space

Consideration of Storage

Changeability of Threshold

Site Plan

Residential Plan

Concert Hall Plan

Perspective Plan

Section A.A

Section B.B

Section C.C

Section D.D

Section E.E

Residential Booth Construction

Practice Room Roof Construction

Blue Arches

Piano Room