Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Finlay Perry (Male)

Finlay Perry - Portfolio
Finlay Perry – Stage 3
Stage 3 – Finlay Perry

Finlay Perry – Stage 3

My central design aim in this project was to create a beautiful and harmonious set of buildings for the town and residents of Balloch, the buildings users and others who engaged with it as they passed by. I hoped the materials, scale and design would be sympathetic to the landscape and existing environment and wanted to minimise any adverse impact on the environment by using sustainable local materials wherever possible. In this, I was inspired by the work of Charles Norberg Schulz and his development of a Phenomenological approach to architecture, humanising scale and materials to landscape thereby creating a; sense of place. This seemed to fit perfectly with both my aims for the project and the ‘sense of place’ I found from my first visit to this site in Balloch.

Man - Nature

The exploration between natural and constructed shadows.

Master Plan

Site Plan

Residential Retreat Ground Floor

Residential Retreat First Floor

Residential Retreat Elevation

Residential Retreat Elevation 2

Residential Retreat Section

Residential Retreat Section B

Performance Hall Basement Floor Plan

Performance Hall Ground Floor

Performance Hall First Floor

Performance Hall Elevation B

Performance Hall Elevation

Performance Hall Section

Performance Hall Section B

Model Image 1

Model Image 2_

Model Image 3_

Model Image 4

Rhino Model

Long Section

Stage 3 – Finlay Perry

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