School of Design

Jun 17 at 19.00

Exercises in Humility or: How I Learned to Love the Process

Imposter syndrome is real, we can all agree on that! Whether you’re just beginning a career or you’ve been practicing for a long time… the feeling never truly goes away. Life beyond education is a space to experiment, making mistakes is part of making, learning and growing. How does leaning into collaboration and experimentation help to understand the small wins on the daily? The mixed panel here will discuss and reflect on their experiences pertaining to this.

This event represents the School of Design and will include special guests:

Deirdre Nelson, Artist and Designer,
And, Mia Maxwell, Founder and Director of FEMZINE

In conversation with Patrick Macklin, Acting Head of School of Design, alongside 24 Design students whose work is being emblazoned on billboard around Glasgow (from Monday for 2 weeks).