Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Euan Clarke


MSA Stage 3 Sustainability Prize, GIA Student Awards 2021 - Commendation

I am a RIBA Part 1 Architectural Assistant looking to widen my knowledge and experience within a vibrant, forward looking, design-led architectural setting.

I am interested in designing spaces that inspire, animate and energise human life. I craft imaginative places from detailed studies of site, context and landscape that creates buildings with a sense of belonging. My design practice carefully considers how a building will be experienced both practically and visually, with a constant focus on the needs of the client and the building’s users.

Balloch Music Retreat
Sustainability Award
Design Journal
Drone Photos

Balloch Music Retreat

The beauty of music is that it can be played anywhere without the need for a specific environment or space. The proposal looks to offer coherent objects and spaces, both internally and externally, that promote the spontaneous playing of music. The client, Sistema, has a clear philosophy to provide an environment that nurtures young, disadvantaged children through the medium of music, that impacts on their whole being and development.

For the Balloch community, the proposal reinstates a physical and visual link with the pier that has become abandoned over time. Its strategic positioning and elongated fingers stretch into the landscape creating a physical axis that encourages the public to use the pier again. It was important for the scheme to remain sensitive to the surrounding natural world in massing, scale and materiality. Capturing the spirit of Sistema, intriguing ‘tree worlds’ have been created that provide an unconventional living space, both exciting and stimulating for its users.



Board 1 - Location

Board 3 - Plans

Board 5 - Structural Analysis

Site Model 1:500

Board 2 - Concept

Board 4 - Residential Pods

Board 6 - Performance Hall

Sustainability Award

I was awarded the GSA Stage 3 Sustainability award for my analysis into how the proposal looked to sustainably enhance social, economic and environmental values.

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Emvironmental design - Details

Thermal/Acoustical comfort

Underfloor Heating Plans

Structural Makeup


Air Source Heat Pump

Passive Energy Measures

Environmetal Design - Positioning

Design Journal

My design journal Includes a series of drwaings, photos and diagrams that illistrates my thought process throughout the year.

Location Analysis

Site Analysis

Site Zoning Analysis

Beginning of Concept

Creating Rhythm in the Landscape

Spatial Concept

Site Notes

Spatial Analysis

Spatial Analysis

Datum Line

Structural Design - Music Retreat

Structural Design - Performance Hall

Site Model 1

Site Model 2

Drone Photos

On my first visit to Balloch I took my Drone that allowed me to see the site from many different perspectives. The images taken were useful in producing analytical drawings about the site and its wider context.

Balloch Pier, looking onto Loch Lomond

Ariel shot over site

Shot over Balloch, looking onto pier


Chosen site - Carpark

Looking South onto Site