Glasgow Product Design Engineering School of Design

Emma Williamson (she/her)

I’m a Product Design Engineer from Glasgow. I enjoy taking on challenging problems to help improve lives. PDE has allowed me to refine and apply my design skills to a range of diverse briefs throughout the years.

When selecting my final year project, I was influenced by personal experience, focussing on improving the lives of people living with dementia.



GuidePod is a smart device to promote routine for people living with dementia through sensory prompts.

GuidePod empowers people with dementia to take control post-diagnosis and plan for their future, and enables daily functions to be maintained for longer. It can be used as a standalone product, or integrated with existing sensor suites.

Olfactory and auditory prompts were selected as understanding of these stimuli are preserved for longer than other senses for people living with dementia, ensuring the product remains useful to the user throughout their journey with dementia.

Replaceable Scent Pods allow for safe and easy refilling, allowing the person with dementia to carry out this task in the earlier stages. When the device detects a Scent Pod is low in liquid, a notification will be sent to the user and/or a carer.



Product Overview

GuidePod releases sensory prompts in the form of scent and sound. The user creates routines via the app in the early stages.

User Journey

Easy refilling using replaceable Scent Pods to avoid the risk of spillages. An algorithm calculates when liquid will run out, and alert the user in advance.

Replaceable ScentPods

Essential oils have a range of benefits for people living with dementia, including improving sleep, reducing anxiety and stimulating appetite

GuidePod, ScentPod and app

App used by the user, family and/or carers

Easy Refilling

A hinged lid makes refilling a simple and intuitive experience.

Exploded View

A full-range driver to produce good quality sound, piezoelectric transducers to atomise the essential oils and disperse the scent in the room


Silicone rubber base. Removable power connection.

Speaker Detail

To ensure longevity all attachment mechanisms are reversible to allow for easy repairs and part replacements

GuidePod Fusion360 Model