Communication Design Glasgow School of Design

Emily Hopkins

The Guerrilla Sanctuary


An imagined exhibition at Dundee’s V&A that explores the history of western women’s trousers from 1851 to the present, covering significant styles from different decades – eg. 1850’s bloomers, 1970’s flares – and the women who popularised them.
I wanted the branding to give an indication of antiquity as well as modernity – the push for gender equality is clearly an ongoing issue but I imagine the exhibition as being a demonstration of the immense progress of the past century. Additionally, I wanted to work on a project which pushed me into exploring various design mediums – in this case, logo and identity design, wayfinding, captions, and exhibition design. This project is therefore the bulk of work in my fourth year.
‘Slacks’ would be family-friendly and engaging to all, covering social and political history, fashion,
feminist/civil rights movements, and more. There is also the allure of nostalgia for those who lived through these eras.

V&A entry poster

Mocked up example of exhibition poster outside the Dundee V&A.

Exhibition Logo

souvenir tote mockup

initial sketches

Potential concept

Combining V&A and Slacks logos.

final poster design

poster mockup

exhibtion pallette

lamp post banner flats

wayfinding decade design

The Guerrilla Sanctuary

‘The Guerrilla Sanctuary’ is a three-part podcast created by a group of MSc students at the City University of London. It covers the disturbing true story of the 1999 Bwindi Forest Massacre, in which eight tourists were brutally slain by a gang of Guerrilla soldiers. The victims had been staying at campsites in the Bwindi National Park, where holidaymakers can observe highly endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, with the help of experienced guides. This podcast covers the event and its aftermath, even interviewing one of the survivors.
I was tasked with creating a logo design for this project, which I initially found challenging due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, but I eventually came to design a logotype that subtly hints at the horror of the event – a serrated blade hides in the word “sanctuary”, subverting the word’s associations.
The group describes their target audience as ‘broadly educated 18-30-year-olds’, so I felt a sleek, minimal design would be most appropriate.

podcast mockup

final logo

colour pallette

early text iterations


‘Agronomy’ is an imagined butcher with ethical practice and sustainability at its core – providers of ‘mindful meat’ that you can enjoy guilt-free. The name is derived from the science of producing and using plants in agriculture for food, fuel, fiber, recreation, and land restoration.
As a veggie who at times greatly misses meat products, I tried to consider the circumstances in which I’d be willing ‘break’ my vegetarianism so to speak. In my eyes, I don’t think killing and eating animals is innately wrong, after all, we are descended from hunter-gatherers who did so to survive. What I think is unethical is the way in which the animals we eat have been reduced to disposable commodities, and butchered on an industrial scale.
On average, approximately 2.6 million cattle, 10 million pigs, 14.5 million sheep, and lambs, 80 million fish, and 950 million birds are slaughtered for human consumption per year in the UK alone, with many reared and butchers in cramped, unhygienic conditions. However, this has only been the case for the past 60 or so years. In previous generations, livestock was locally sourced and butchers used the majority of the carcass. What’s more, meat was seen as an expensive treat to be eaten only occasionally, instead of the daily meal staple it’s seen as today.
I wanted to create a butcher’s which operates off of these same values, based in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. I designed an identity that was inspired but the practices and aesthetics of traditional butcher, with a more modern twist. I also created examples of the products and packaging that would be available in the store.

mockup shopfront

black and white version

colour pallette

food packaging mockup