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Eilidh Young

Future Stories (Future Experiences)

Future Stories (Future Experiences)

People and patients as the face for future Mental Health and Wellbeing support services.

The creation of Future Stories is a service that is dependant on neighbourhood interactions with a community focused mindset. The community aspect is built through people sharing their own experiences of mental health and cancer. The system comprises of people who have gone through treatment and can therefore give honest and sensitive support. Those who are in the system who are going through cancer will receive support every step of the way.

The aim of Future Stories is to help people who are affected by cancer and are subsequently affected by mental health.

The system will open up a dialogue for vulnerable people, those who are dealing with cancer.

1 Eilidh Young Group Work FE

Part 1 of Future Experiences - Group World Building

2 Eilidh Young Feature Image FE 1

People and patients are the face of the system, Future Stories.

3 Eilidh Young User FE

Target Audience

4 Eilidh Young System Design 1 FE

Becoming involved within Future Stories.

5 Eilidh Young System Design 2 FE

Signing up to become a member of the system.

6 Eilidh Young Collecting Data FE

Using Collective Intelligence within the system.

7 Eilidh Young System Advantages FE

Advantage points within the system.

8 Eilidh Young Design Values FE

Design values within the system.