Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Ebubechi Okey-Adibe

Hello!. I am a RIBA Part I  Architectural Assistant looking to expand and develop a clear stance in the field deemed ‘architecture’ per se, in other words I’m in  search for a Part I Placement :^).
Throughout my third-year project, I began to question the theoretics of architecture with questions such as:
What is One’s relationship to spaces(Thresholds) which might well be theoretical or physical?
‘who designs such spaces?,
who rules the thresholds? ‘.
Firstly, deconstructing the narrative of architects being the primary designers in the built environment(authoritarian). In other words, I posed the question of what would happen if the client per se (children) were to design their living archetype( living modules). This unusual and exciting fictional narrative allows for questioning: the children have been given autonomy over their lives and reverses the ‘natural order. This has resulted in bold and imaginative concepts that visually attract the viewer and allow for questioning conventional approaches that we, as architects, have become familiar with.

As a result, the imageries created would be flooded with playful undertones to reflect the erratic and fickle nature of the client, to showcase what one could describe as a utopia for children, a drawing/concept bound to paper, with the sole focus of questioning foretold principles

Rulers of Thresholds, Ebubechi 2020/2021




Technical Detailing


Technical Detailing