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Denizali Onal (he/him)

Denizali Onal is a multi-media 3D Graphic Artist . He creates works showing the ways of combining hand-drawn and computer-generated art. His way of communicating to the viewers is combining and subtracting ways of creating organic and computer-based works of art to play around the idea of each art style being unique from each other even though he believes that all art is or can be connected. He uses digital softwares that are ranging from machine learning programmes like RunwayML to 3D softwares like Unity to editing softwares which are Adobe After Effects/Adobe Premiere Pro. He creates work by letting these different softwares mix the outcomes that they create to make organic end products.

Learning Journal
Blended Landscapes
Borderless Borders

Blended Landscapes

Blended Landscapes dwells of computer-generated landscape sceneries which were formed on databases that were containing scanned images of various handmade sketches of scenes from nature via pen and different types of pencils(charcoal, graphite, carbon, etc.).The end video is a mixing of these numerous images that RunwayML generates with the given database.

The software Runway ML did not put an effect on already created images or change the way existing images of real landscapes, instead it generated these imaginary places from scratch, and even though its an artificial program that is run on a computer it found a way to make these images somewhat handmade. This was some sort of experiment to see how capable computers were doing humane creations.



line drawing 1 generated by RunwayML

line drawing 2 generated by RunwayML

charcoal drawing 1 generated by RunwayML

charcoal drawing 2 generated by RunwayML

Borderless Borders

Borderless Borders is based around creating landscape sceneries via a 3d software called Unity. The main intention of Borderless Borders is to give the feeling of a living world inside of a frame to its viewer. By creating this cuboid fake pocket universe in unity and placing it inside a physical frame it creates the illusion of life while being contained inside a box-frame which is a product made by cutting the trees that are inside it, in order to show a cycle of life and death.

The software Unity is a tool that lets the user create anything they fancy in this work he used this software as a tool to create a world and then he went on to add elements like lights, shadows, wind, and sounds to implement aspects of reality to his creation.

interpertaion of the pocket world created using Unity&Photoshop

Screenshot from Unity -1

Screenshot from Unity -2