Glasgow Painting & Printmaking School of Fine Art

Daisy Weir (she/her)

By working through a variety of different media such as drawing, painting, ceramics, textiles and found objects, my practice has become intertwined with the importance of nostalgia and re-creation of intimate space through the use of memories and heirlooms.

The memories are specifically tied to my dad’s family home. A time capsule that existed for most of my childhood. The curiosity of the objects that filled the house, the endless trinkets and ornaments signifying a few decades past. They were all sold with the house once my grandparents passed away. The photo albums and my dad’s memories are the only immediate pieces of evidence that this was their home.  Even still, time will erase them.

Through a deep investigation of family stories and heirlooms, I am able re-document the intimate relationships between people, objects and their tangible histories. My paintings hang in the balance of representation and abstraction through my use of composition and colour harmony. My paintings discuss the importance of their object-ness by rejecting the traditional aspects of painting through the use of a fragmented and reversed surface and through their curation alongside found objects. Much like the composition of my paintings, my use of paint rests between fluidity and deliberacy encouraging the exploration of nostalgia in all its tranquillity and pleasure.

A Memory For You. Somewhere Adrift For Me.

A Memory For You. Somewhere Adrift For Me.

Sideboard (Installation)

2021, two charcoal and graphite drawings, oil painting and framed photograph, mixed dimensions

Daisy Carousel

2021, oil pastel, acrylic and oil paint on canvas, 29.5x42x5cm (2xA4 canvases)
For Sale: £1400

Untitled (rotary dial study)

2021, graphite on card, 21x24.4cm
For Sale: £150

Sideboard and Sofa

2021, graphite, charcoal and acrylic paint on card, 27x38.5cm
For Sale: £175

Grandpas Usual and Chair (Installation)

2021, woolen blanket and heirloom chair, 80x67x61cm

14 Hillhead and Grandpas Usual (Detail)

2021, painted rotary dial telephone and wool blanket, mixed dimensions

Kitchen (Installation)

2021, two paintings, graphite drawing, wooden table and framed photograph with tea cups and saucers, mixed dimensions

Kitchen (Detail)

2021, wooden table and framed photograph with tea cups and saucers, 34.6x61x61cm

Hanging Mitts on the Door

2020-21, oil pastel, acrylic and oil paint on canvas, 42x60x5cm (4xA4 canvases)
For Sale: £600

Holiday Souvenir at the Window Sill

2021, colour pencil, acrylic and oil paint on canvas, 59.3x84x5cm (3xA2 and 2xA4 canvases)
For Sale: £600

Portrait of Gran and Me

2021, graphite and charcoal on card, 21x15cm
For Sale: £150

Display Cabinet (Installation)

2021, painting, graduation photograph, framed photograph, ceramic piggy bank and Pelican, mixed dimensions

Lamp on Display (Cabinet)

2021, oil pastel, graphite, acrylic and oil paint on canvas, 42x29.7x5cm
For Sale: £400


2021, earthenware and terracotta clay, 21x38.5x10cm
For Sale: £250