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Protective Action for Concussion Technology

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury and can lead to devastating long term effects when not managed properly. With up to 88% of concussions likely to go undetected and undiagnosed, and reports of boxing being the No.1 most dangerous contact sport for brain injury risk, a specific impact monitoring system for the sport is long overdue. This is where P.A.C.T comes in. An impact analysis system that utilises a high performance triaxial accelerometer sensor and bluetooth technology to detect how many punches a boxer is receiving, how hard they are being hit as well as providing warnings of potentially dangerous punches to the head.

The ultra slim device is conveniently worn in the back of a secure elasticated headband, suitable for use with or without head gear. A concussive injury can be exacerbated if a boxer continues to receive blows after the event, the P.A.C.T system alerts an observing trainer or medic to the potentially dangerous impact and the boxer can be pulled out of sparring before the injury gets any worse. In the event of an athlete receiving a dangerous punch to the head, they are encouraged to get concussive assessment. During this, the medical professional has a clearer picture of the mechanism of injury and can carry out a more informed diagnosis and treatment process.