Glasgow School of Fine Art Sculpture & Environmental Art

Chloe Charlton (she/her)


Dissertation Prize for Fine Art

Chloe Charlton is a moving image artist living and working in Glasgow. She is a recipient of Creative Scotland’s ‘Nuturing Talent – Time to Shine Fund’ and her work has screened at Oberwelt Gallery, Stuttgart, and Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow.

Through montage and image witnessing, her work addresses the materiality of the geological world transmitted from the camera’s animating eye. Emerging from an ecological stance, she is directed by the sensual entanglements of the lived experience. Her films offer archaeological material of the present to question the extractive tendencies brought about by the Anthropocene.

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Memories of the Shoreline
SCART ROCK, The Sisters
The Grove Beneath

Memories of the Shoreline

Four films transverse the coastline, offering mini studies of marine and flora life, whose images are composed frame-by-frame in the camera whilst filming.

The individual titles of the films are:

restless quarrels between closest companions

the mutterings of maritime lichen

chlorophyll lessons on rays and rhythm

those who wait up at night



Digitalised 16mm / Colour / Silent

Funded by GSA Sustainability, Young Scot & New Creatives

4 min 30 secs

SCART ROCK, The Sisters

SCART ROCK takes place within a terrestrial universe governed by the tide. The land observes as its material of rock and water merge, and coastal lives are revealed in their multiplicities through in-camera image superimpositions.

Filmed at Dunure, Scotland, the coastal life of maritime creatures and ocean occupants are brought together in time slippages through in-camera editing. Traversing the landscape through multiple directions, the film offers a myriad constellation of image and experience, all dictated by the coming and going tide.


Digitalised 16mm / Colour / Sound

Funded by GSA Sustainability, Young Scot & New Creatives

9 min 25 secs

The Grove Beneath

The ancient, dynamic past life of a grove of eleven fossilised tree stumps are animated through archival material and the mechanical scanning of a camera’s eye.

Shot in Glasgow, the film explores human relationship to materiality and its changing states in deep geological time. The surfaces of an ancient grove of fossilised Lepipodendron trees are surveyed, their texture colliding with sensorial archival material that tells of their past. Led by the sensual and the elemental, the viewer is taken through the changing material states from breathing, lively wood, to seeping organic material, a hard rock to blasted fragmentary matter.


HD & Rendered Archive / Colour / Sound

5 min 22 secs