Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 5

Chaohui Sylvia Yang

Despite the numerous regulations for architecture, it would not be convincible to propose a ‘correct’ way to create great architecture. Though we can always chase and creating the answer of it. Yet one thing for sure is that great architectures are timeless. It originates from the past, lives in the present and creates the future. Living in the contemporary world, architects need to consider the relationship between physical and social spaces, which related to subjects of relevance to society and social issues. Combining the critical and pioneering thinking of the city with the elegant design of materials and joints in order to create architecture with great experience and quality is what I aim to do.

Past Forward

Past Forward

Past Forward

The Ethical City

Govan and the city

The dock in Govan

Chaos in Grid

The pump house and the dock

Manifesto for Master planning



Ground Floor Plan


Details for the pump house

Details for the extension

Internal View

Internal View

Internal View