Glasgow Mackintosh School of Architecture MSA Stage 3

Cara Taggart (She/her)

Balloch Concert Hall and Residential Retreat

Balloch Concert Hall and Residential Retreat

‘Hide and Seek’

The design of this project provides spaces of privacy and security while creating forms that aim to evoke childhood play and togetherness. Pyramidal structures create gathering spaces while smaller, modular bedroom spaces allow for peace and solitude. This provides each child with a comfortable space to perform, play and rest while they are encouraged to express themselves and adapt the spaces to their own needs.

The interaction between buildings is a key element, provoking exploration throughout the site, exploring the ‘negative space’ in between structures and the surrounding landscape. Each individual building has a relationship with another, aiding in telling the story of its function and atmosphere. This is expressed as the abstraction of a game of ‘hide and seek’. The buildings evolve, with the landscape, from large public pyramidal structures, into more intimate bedroom spaces: finally reaching the river at the retreat pavilion, concealed within the tree canopy, allowing users to immerse themselves in nature.

Site plan of Balloch Pier

Exploring spaces in-between the built and un-built environments

Sections through concert hall and residential retreat

Perspective section through concert hall

A flexible space harbouring togetherness

Concert hall internal view

A space to play, perform and gather

Construction detail of communal area

Sitting within the structure

Communal space

A space for play, rest and gathering

Children's bedroom view

Peeking in through the window

Children's bedroom internal view

A place that feels like home

Retreat Pavilon

Hiding amongst the canopy