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Cammy Hogg (He/him)

I hold a strong interest in User Experience design, as well as User Interface design.  I enjoy exploring the ways in which people navigate a system, taking an iterative approach in creating and improving this experience.

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Record: Own Your Music
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Record: Own Your Music

Record is a music collation service designed to give the music collector a heightened sense of ownership over their collection.  It can be understood as a music collation multi-tool – composed of a series of digital utilities that accompany the dedicated music collector in their desire to own and celebrate their music.             Centred around a key theme of ownership, Record’s mission is simple; this is about strengthening and protecting the relationship between collector and collection.

1 - Film

Gain insight into the Record experience; follow the experience of Callum, who fears for the fragility of his digital collection.

2 - Contextual Article

Record provokes a discussion around the fragility of modern music consumption. With digital streaming inducing a fragile leasership culture, alongside the recent revival of physical collation - primarily manifest in the rebirth of vinyl - the act of owning music has never felt more chaotic. Record is a response to this chaos; offering the user a place to gather, curate and secure their entire music collection.

3 - Physical Upload

Acting as a space to gather the user’s physical and digital music, Record performs its key role as an upload service. The user is given the opportunity to upload their physical music to Record using the 'Scan' feature, synthesising their physical collection.

4 - Digital Upload

Collectors are able to upload their digital music; securing and curating their entire collection. Doing so affords a series of sub-services, which accompany the user in their pursuit to collect.