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Calum Warden

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I am a master’s Product Design Engineering student who is fascinated by the behaviour of everyday consumers. Understanding the habits and rituals people adopt to combat problems and inconveniences with current products was a key aspect of my final year project, which looked to innovate around existing smartphone charging solutions.

Duo is a charging solution designed for smartphone users to combine both mains and portable charging in one simple modular device. It eliminates the need for multiple charging devices whilst addressing the restrictive nature of mains charging. Duo provides an ‘all-in-one’ flexible, streamlined, reliable and lightweight solution for the smartphone user.

The Product comprises two parts,
Duo Mains, a mains charging component with fold away pins and two lightning ports enabling the charge of both the smartphone and Duo Porto simultaneously.
Duo Porto, a slim, lightweight power bank, that couples to the back of the Duo Mains and Smartphone via magnetic connections for a snap fit.

As technology becomes more ingrained in our everyday life, E-waste is becoming a larger problem. Most portable chargers are designed to be inaccessible and are made from plastic, therefore, Duo is made from recycled ABS and designed for deconstruction at end life, to produce a more sustainably conscious product.