Glasgow School of Design Silversmithing & Jewellery

Caius Bearder (He/Him)

My designs stem from my love for the coasts of my home island of Guernsey, specifically the forms and shapes found in rockpools and cliff faces. The island’s rich and expansive history has left its coasts with a patchwork of architectural structures, from Napoleonic forts to Brutalist German concrete bunkers. In contrast to these harsh geometries, I also draw inspiration from the multitude of natural coastal forms, especially those found in rockpools and at the base of cliff faces. From this, I use my designs to combine the natural textures and shapes of organic sea life with the encroaching geometry of manmade seaside architecture. I work using a range of metals and finishes, which encourage viewer interaction with the work, using the innate preciousness and weight of the metal to help communicate both the grounded physicality of the coastal constructions and the fragility of the smaller organic elements. The final designs use a range of traditional silversmithing techniques such as chasing and press forming to help reflect this contrast, resulting in tactile, contemporary final outcomes.

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